Media composer, producer and guitar player based in London.

Always involved in some kind of musical effort, Fernando has played and arranged in many genres for bands with different needs. He studied Jazz Performance and Composition in Madrid, at Música Creativa School of Jazz and he is currently enrolled at the London College of Music,  finishing a Master’s degree in Composition for Film and Television.

As a guitar player, Fernando has performed along artists from the Warner Music Spain label, musicians like James Blunt, Nek and Blas Cantó. He has toured Spain with folclore bands and played with Bossa Nova pioneer Jayme Marques. As an arranger and orchestrator, he was a member of The Malasaña Big Band and has worked for ensembles ranging from small jazz groups to ten-piece wedding bands. In 2014 he published his first collection of songs BIG SUR, recorded and composed in New Mexico, USA.

Organized around the SoundPrints London collective, he has worked as Film Composer and Producer for various media projects. He has partnered with international filmmakers like João Pedro Pinto (“Sixteen by Nine”, “The Last Frame” ), David and Rut García (“Gorten Miller”, “Tetas”, “La Llave Maestra”, “Talón de Aquiles”) and production companies like MAMMUT and Fopiani Films.

Most recently, his work was featured as part of the sound and architecture festival Efímera: Microfestival de paisajes reactivos (2019).


Photographs by João Pedro Pinto