– Mundane / Ignacio Maiso / 2023 

– Tetas / Rut & David García / 2023 

– Stripping Out / Isabella Walton / 2023 

– The Definition of WLEDD SO9 / Jasper Cable-Alexander / 2022 

– The Girl with the Fork Ignacio Maiso / 2022 

– Out of Time / Maisie Bruno / 2022

– From the End of the Road / Ben Crawford / Midlands Movies Awards and Flatpack Festival Official Selection / 2021 

– La Clave Maestra / Rut & David García / 2021 

– Sixteen by Nine / João Pedro Pinto / 2021

 Talón de Aquiles / David García/ No Todo Film Fest Official Selection / 2020

 La Llave Maestra / Rut & David García / Mini Lecyt at Festival Cine de Leon / Best Regional Short at Festival Cortocortismo / 2019

 Gorten Miller / David García / Acocollona’t Fantastic and Horror Film Festival Official Selection / 2019

– La Sucia / Johana Oliva / 2022

– Behind Closed Doors / Chloe Malone / 2021 

– Tickles / Jessica Elias / 2021

– Audio Direction, Connected Games MA, Narrative Design and First Year Games lectures / Kingston University / 2021 – to date

– Undo What Has Been Done / William Everingham  / Best Newcomer Award at Kingston University London Game Jam / 2021

– The Dog and the Flower / Johana Oliva / 2021

– Life After Death / Toluwani Adejumo / Leeds Beckett University / 2023

– Memories / Amelia Cooper / University of Roehampton / 2021

– Sew Me / Christopher P. Hitié / London South Bank University / 2021

– Please Choose a Gender / Holly Dawn Bowden / London South Bank University / 2021

– Ghost Stories / Jack Archie Roberts / University of West London / 2020


guitar / orchestral / calm

drama / synthwave / 80s

strings / innocent / playful

grandiose / orchestral / epic

folk / smart / acoustic

animation / acoustic / evil

nouvelle vague / orchestal / jazzy


Composer, Sound Designer and Guitarist based in West London.

Fernando’s work is defined by his extensive experience performing modern genres, from Fusion Jazz to Bossa and Pop. His compositions for media often feature a blend of orchestral textures with sensibilities from contrasting musical traditions. In his scores, acoustic ensembles often live next to hand-crafted electronic instruments in a mixture of textures and genres.

Current and past projects include Maisie Bruno’s debut documentary Out of Time, João Pedro Pinto’s series of fictional dramas (Sixteen by Nine, The Last Frame) and David and Rut García award-winning shorts (Gorten Miller, Tetas, La Llave Maestra and Talón de Aquiles). He has also collaborated with production companies like MAMMUT and Fopiani Films.

As a performing musician, Fernando has played along with artists from Warner Music Spain, musicians like James Blunt, Nek and Blas Cantó. He has toured with Jazz and Pop ensembles and played with Bossa Nova pioneer Jayme Marques. As an arranger and orchestrator, he was a member of The Malasaña Big Band and has worked for ensembles ranging from small jazz groups to ten-piece wedding bands. In 2014 he published his first collection of songs BIG SUR, recorded and composed in New Mexico, USA. 

He studied Jazz Performance and Composition in Madrid at Música Creativa School of Jazz and obtained a Master’s degree in Composition for Film and Television by the London College of Music.

He regulary visits Kingston University London as a guest lecture on Narrative and Sound Design for Videogames. He took part in organizing the sound and architecture festival Efímera: Microfestival de paisajes reactivos (2019).