Tips For Recording Videogame Dialogue at Home

Recording dialogue for video games is a crucial part of the game development process, as it helps to bring the characters and story to life. Let’s explore a few basic tips you can apply to your home recording process.

Here are some tips for recording videogame dialogue:

  1. Set up a quiet recording space. Background noise can be distracting and make it difficult to hear the dialogue. Find a room with minimal ambient noise and set up your microphone and recording equipment there.
  2. Use a pop filter to reduce plosives. Plosives are the explosive sounds made when air is suddenly released from the mouth, such as when saying the letters “p” or “b”. A pop filter placed in front of the microphone can help reduce these sounds and improve the overall quality of the recording.
  3. Record multiple takes. Even the best actors make mistakes, so recording multiple takes of each line is a good idea to give yourself more options in post-production. This will also allow you to try different inflexions and deliveries to see which works best in the game context.
  4. Use a script and follow it closely. A script can help you stay on track and ensure that you’re delivering the lines exactly as they are intended to be heard in the game. It’s also a good idea to read the script out loud before recording to get a feel for the dialogue and practice your delivery.
  5. Use headphones to monitor your performance. Headphones will allow you to hear yourself while recording, which can help you gauge your performance and make any necessary adjustments. This can also help you avoid making mistakes or stumbling over your lines.

Overall, the key to recording good videogame dialogue is to take your time and be prepared. By using the right equipment, setting up a quiet recording space, and following a script, you can create high-quality audio that will enhance the player’s experience!