SoundPrints London

We are a sound collective dedicated to the production of original music for media from start to finish. We take all the steps of the process in-house, so we can provide the most flexible services in Music Composition, Transcription, Orchestration, as well as Sound Engineering.  

Based in West London, we are a duo of music composers and producers with a decade of experience working in media. We produce music for Film and Television, Documentaries and other commercial media. We do orchestrations for the screen, arrangements for live music performances and offer services in Sound post-production, Dialogue editing, Foley recording, Mixing and Mastering.

We offer services in:

  • Music Composition and Production of Soundtracks.
  • Post Audio Production: Sound Design, Foley, Audio Restoration, Mastering and Mixing.
  • Transcription, Engraving and Score Preparation services.
  • Podcast and Dialogue Editing.

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