SoundPrints London

We are a collective of independent music artists who create sound for media. From underscores and soundscapes, to source music and sound design, we work together to make sound for all kinds of film and audio-visual art. We take all the steps of the process in-house, so we can provide the most flexible services in Music Composition, Transcription, Orchestration, as well as Sound Engineering.  

Based in West London, SoundPrints is the ground for aspiring composers coming from diverse backgrounds to connect with each other and collaborate with filmmakers as members of a closer community. Having our personal musical languages, aesthetic approaches and distinct skills interact complimentarily, we join our forces to make our artistic and professional projects take off.

Nuestros servicios incluyen:

  • Composición musical y producción de bandas sonoras.
  • Post-producción de audio: diseño de sonido, foley, restauración de audio, masterización y mezcla.
  • Servicios de transcripción, copia y preparación de partituras.
  • Edición de dialogo y producción de Podcast.

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